Setforehire was established in 2011 by a team of golf enthusiasts based in Asia, the world's fastest growing golfing continent.

As frequent golf travelers we have experienced at first hand the problems associated with transporting a oversized, heavy and awkwardly shaped piece of luggage to and from our dream golfing destination. The costs in airline charges and insurance, the stress of damage or lost luggage, the hassle of transportation to and from airports, we have been there and done that.

It was after one such excursion that we were sitting in the 19th hole discussing a solution to this problem. Some bright spark came up with the idea to leave the clubs at home and hire.

So the idea was born. To give the traveling golfer a high-end golf equipment hire service at competitive prices. And our target market stretches beyond the serious golf tourist. We can cater for business travelers in need of a quick golf fix; tourists on a family holiday feeling the urge to hit the links; inbound and local travelers alike; traveling golf societies and even for golfers looking to try out the latest equipment for a week. No hire is too short and we can facilitate extended hires.


#1-hassle reduction

carrying cumbersome golf equipment through airports can be a tiring and stressful exercise.

#2-loss & damage avoidence

think of the feeling standing by the carousel waiting for the clubs to arrive, they emerge damaged or worse still not at all!

#3-save on baggage fees

airline baggage charges can often work out more than the rental cost, it’s a no brainer?

#4-try out the latest weapons

seen the pros on the TV? Want to test drive the latest TaylorMade driver or iron? Hiring makes it possible.

#5-save on insurance costs and claims

insuring the clubs incurs monetary costs and making claims incurs mental costs!


#1-quality equipment

our inventory is stocked with the latest releases from golf’s premier manufacturers, TaylorMade.

#2-regularly updated

unlike golf courses, we ensure that our equipment is refreshed every six - nine months to prevent wear.

#3- the full package

unlike golf courses, we offer a complete set of three woods, eight irons, a putter, an umbrealla and tour bag, for one price.

#4-free delivery and collection

just tell us where you want the euipment delivered and collected and it will be there waiting for you, at no extra cost.

#5-competitive price packages

we offer high quality packages at amazing prices, the longer you hire the cheaper it works out.


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